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*All nutrition information is listed per serving*

Simply Done Meals

Meal 1

Italian Meatball Bake

(Cal 582, Carbs 32g, Protein 39g, Fat 12g)

Meal 2 

Roasted Boneless Chicken with Potatoes, Onions, & Carrots

(Cal 374, Carbs 29g, Protein 29g, Fat 16g)

Meal 3

Berry Balsamic Chicken

with Green Beans & Fingerling Potatoes

(Cal 465, Carbs 58g, Protein 19g, Fat 19g)

Meal 4

Boeuf Borguignon Stew

(Cal 678, Carbs 45g, Protein 44g, Fat 27g)

Simply Fit Lunches 

Lunch 1 
General Tso's Meatballs over Cauli Rice

(Cal 373, Carbs 23g, Protein 34g, Fat 17g)


Lunch 2

Hawaiian Chicken Bowl

(Cal 409, Carbs 5g, Protein 27g, Fat 9g)

Lunch 3

Italian Stuffed Peppers

(Cal 418, Carbs 24g, Protein 26g, Fat 24g)

Lunch 4

Turkey Chili

(Cal 296, Carbs 25g, Protein 24g, Fat 12g)

Lunch 5 

Pesto Cod with Italian Veggies

(Cal 254, Carbs 14g, Protein 31g, Fat 9g)

Simply Fit Breakfast

Breakfast 1

Pumpkin Loaf (3 large slices per serving)

(Still Perfecting Recipe)

Breakfast 2

Blueberry Protein Pancakes with Turkey Bacon

(Cal 319, Carbs 36g, Protein 22g, Fat 10g)