Who Shaped your life?

September 6, 2018

An easy question right? For most people they can think of a specific loved one or mentor who really took a hold young in their life and molded the outcome to the person they see in the mirror today. But one thing rings true for all of us, the teachers who worked day in and day out to make us pay attention or make us listen or put us in front of the class to speak, molded each and every one of us into who we are today. It takes a special kind of person to take on the task of teaching 15-30 kids every single day, no matter the background they come from, no matter their struggles, no matter their thoughts and opinions! Its’s Teachers who show up every day and add value to those young lives. So as the summer rings to an end, the class bells ring and millions of kids across the nation fill up seats to meet their new guide and mentor for the year...we try our best to show appreciation. September is teacher appreciation month and there is no better time for a little gift or to just stop in and tell someone they are important, noticed and making a difference.



If you are sitting in a classroom right now, or in a cafeteria wrangling students, or in a bus line protecting our kids from crazy drivers you make a difference, Keep doing what you are doing! You MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Let me explain, and the best way too is to take you on a walk through the Teachers that shaped the younger me.

First, my first grade teacher Miss Rydell.  She was probably my favorite teacher of all time because our last names rhymed and I was just learning rhymes. But a valuable lesson was taught here. I remember it like it was yesterday, We had a 10 Minute multiplication and division quiz, and at 10 minutes and 2 seconds I was still working and got the paper ripped off my desk, I argued but I’m not done yet, she replied that’s the point. Lessons learned 1. It’s a cruel world! 2. I don’t follow instructions well. 3. I will work until the work is done no matter the obstacles.

Second, oh about 4th grade, Coach Bowman, Coach was one of the middle school and High school football coaches. He ran the lineman section of the youth football camp every year, and I was definitely only going to the lineman drills.  I bonded with coach early in camp and stuck to his side whenever we did anything. The trip to Texas Longhorn training camp, and as important Mr. Gattis, was the highlight of my summer...every summer.  One day after having all the pizza and fun I could stand, mind you I was built like a lineman, coach walks up and introduces me to Mr. Gatti himself (A Large man in his early 20’s who was built like he played for the longhorns).  I was blown away, I met a pizza celebrity that day! The memories that change your life are as special as the people.  Lessons learned 1. I met a Pizza Legend!!!2. Without that bond and the experiences those coaches gave during their summer off I would have probably not stuck with High school football and learned the discipline and work effort I have today.

And last, but especially not least my AG teachers. They are probably the teachers that brought it home from a molding and mentoring standpoint.  These two teachers stuck with me from 6th grade all the way through college Graduation. The Marek’s were truly invested in my life, I walked into the first Jr FFA meeting just knowing that I wanted a pet cow. Well they squashed my dreams that year and said how about a pig (yes, I said pets).  I have now raised 1000’s of pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens, sheep, and yes cattle.  But most importantly was immersed in leadership, CDE contests and mentorship that shaped what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I never really thought of college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career, I didn’t really know what I was good at, still not too sure, but they pushed me to do better every day throughout middle and high school and eventually talked me into going to TSU where I flourished.  The memories are countless and the friendships made many, Oh and if yall are reading this...what were you thinking letting me represent your program at a national range judging contest in basketball shorts flip flops and the brightest orange Hawaiian shirt you can imagine.  Lessons learned: 1.Too many to count but they all stem from hard work and dedication whether that’s to a task, job, animal, or friendship. 


I hope the trip down memory lane was enjoyable.  If you are a Teacher, Thank you! And for the month of September use the code Teach10 in the order form as a very small token of our appreciation.

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