The Adventures of a Traveling Foodie

June 21, 2019

For the last 15 days we (all four of us Simply Done owners) have been on adventures! One that would lead us across the country and another that would lead us around the world!! The thrill of adventure is always heightened, at least for me when food is involved. Just me? Surely I’m not the only one concerned with what a typical meal looks like in the Middle East! After all, we were going to be there for over two weeks.

When we got there I was expecting somewhat of the normal offering.  Maybe some Italian, Greek, Spanish, sea food.  It was apparent by day 2 that the normal we are used to here in the states is not over there. The first night we had Rice and what I’ve come to call North African spiced chicken (although chicken is definitely a stretch).  That turned into the norm for the first few weeks.  The salads were a delight, whether it was the Nile river delta or the Oasis at St Catherine’s Monastery the veggies are extremely fresh and hand picked right before they prepare! Tomato and Cucumber salad with fresh mint was a group favorite.  Another favorite that we ran into when we crossed over from Egypt into Jerusalem was Shawarma! Every day at lunch we would stop at a roadside restaurant, unload the bus and our guide would explain to us that they had many options that day, and then present us with shawarma or falafel! Haha!! I did truly enjoy the chicken shawarma and it was loaded with the ever so familiar tomato and cucumber salad, it may make an appearance on the menu soon. 😊  We hope you enjoy the food pics and check out #fccpilgrimage on Facebook for more of the adventure!







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