On track?

October 24, 2019

On track...what's that mean? As a new dad, business owner, and full time corporate employee some things got to give, right? Of Couse! Seven weeks ago my life and priorities changed forever. Going to the gym, cooking dinner, meal prepping all went by the wayside and the only thing that has mattered is taking care of the little milk monster that is Baby Jake. 



But on track, what does that mean? What are your goals? Is it to sit around the table with your family for dinner, is it to make the right choices at lunch, is it to drop 5lbs before the holidays, or even try a few new foods. On my journey getting back 'on track' means making the right choices for lunch, dinner and snack time! Simply done meals have helped me with that immensely over the past month and a half. I have a true new appreciation for our customers and their families and how a prepared meal can help them get that kiddo in the bath by 7, or actually have a lunch to take to work when the baby is screaming and you have no time.  As our family gets back to the gym, back to cooking dinner from scratch (some nights), and back to a routine...Simply Done meals are a life saver.  


If you are struggling to get back 'on track' we would love the opportunity to help, whether that's a meal, nutritional coaching, or just some quick tips we can send for your own meal prepping. We got you! As always I love hearing your feedback and appreciate each and every one of you I can call friend.


Until next time, 

Anthony Seidel 

Executive Chef, Simply Done LLC 

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