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EXCITING Changes coming Soon!

If there is one thing that is constant it is everything changes!

last week we shared some changes to our pricing structure to help out with inflation and increased food and delivery costs. This week we are exploring a new more interactive ordering platform, Below are a few of the examples of what its going to look like, Don't worry we are still here and will 100% make sure we get your order and it is correct, but this should help make it SIMPLE.

A few of the services we are SUPER excited to be bringing to Simply Done in the near future

- Updated Menu Listings to include, Pictures, Macros, Individualized costing, and Ingredient lists

- Digital Gift Cards! There will be an option with he new platform

- Your Very own profile, You will be able to create your profile, and select your preferences, If there's something you prefer or do not want you can select what you want to see and not see.

- And a Simplified ordering system where you will be able to go in and see a month at a time.

We will communicate the changeover date as soon as we know, We will offer a few sneak peaks along the way.

As always it is our pleasure to serve you and your family, Please feel free to Reach out with any Questions.


Simply Done LLC

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