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Meals for 1/25/21 Delivery

Simply Done Meals for Delivery 01/25/20

Meal 1

Cilantro lime chicken with lemon orzo

Cals 503| carb 1g| Protein 61g| fat 27g

Allergens: wheat

Meal 2

Creamy Italian chicken with garlic bread and green beans

Cal 636| carb 11g| Protein 66g|fat 35g

Allergens: Milk, wheat

Meal 3

Beef and Broccoli kabob over fried cauliflower rice

Cals 643|carbs 35g| Protein 61g| fat 30g

Allergens: soy, Wheat, fish

Meal 4

Chicken noodle soup

Cal 323|carb 33g| protein 35g| fat 6g

Allergens: wheat

Lunch 1

Pesto pasta with grilled chicken

Cal:417| carb 40g| Protein 35g| Fat29

Allergens: Tree Nuts, milk, wheat

Lunch 2

Turkey Spaghetti squash bowl

Cal 380|carb 24g|fat 18g| protein 32g


Lunch 3

Roast beef and cheddar paninis

Cal 338| carb 30g| protein 20g|fat 15g

Allergens: wheat, milk

Lunch 4

Burrito Bowls

Cal 450| carb 50g| protein 47g| fat 16

Allergens: milk, wheat

Lunch 5

Shrimp salad

Cal 448| carb 22g| protein 38g| fat 25g

Allergens: Shellfish, milk

Breakfast 1

Biscuits and sausage gravy

Cal 689| carb 30g| Protein 23g| fat 53g

Allergens: milk, wheat

Breakfast 2

Blueberry whole wheat muffins

Cal 160| carbs 20g| Protein 3g| fat 8g

Allergens: wheat, Milk

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