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My Sourdough Journey - So Far

Has your Instagram been filled with baking, gardening, homesteading ... just getting back to the basics? Or am I the only one? About three weeks ago I asked my wife if she could get me a starter. Were pretty good friends with a lady who sales her sourdough at the local farmers market and donates all of the proceeds to charity (You can follow her here ). Well that's where it all started. I got my starter and went with the recommended feeding schedule and started growing my sourdough.

Over the next several days I fed and discarded, fed some more, discarded some more and researched. I leaned on our dear friend Abigail who is on the same journey and Laurie, who really is the expert. It's scary at first but trust me you can not get this part wrong! Then it was time!! The starter was very active and doubling with every feeding, I did not have the book yet, so I went to Pinterest and found the "Simplest Sourdough Recipe" and this one didn't take a scale.

1/4 Cup of active starter

2 Cups of warm water

a Pinch of Kosher salt

4.25 Cups of flour, All Purpose or Bread.


After making this delicious loaf of Bread I was hooked.

By day 2 I had run out of flour and was frantically searching the house, the Simply Done storage area, and the camper for more at 4:00 AM. I will never make that mistake again, seriously who runs out of flour?! Haha

By day 3 I was ready to experiment and made a mozzarella and candied jalapeno stuffed bread and a pretty darn good Sandwich bread recipe. Now, I am ready to make any and EVERYTHING!

Be sure to tune into the next Blog to Learn about what's next! I'm tempted to try Cinnamon Rolls!

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1 Comment

Feb 15

That is a beautiful and yummy looking loaf!!

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