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The wait is OVER!

Here at Simply Done we have been growing, Learning, and trying to make this easier for you!

The wait is over we have updated our website with now 2 links! When you click on order here you have the option of just selecting a few meals for yourself that week, or for the next month. or you can select the subscription option and never worry about whether your family will be getting dinners for the week. The new order system stores EVERYTHING, safely and securely, so you only have to update when you want.

Secondly! We are putting our menu's out there a month at a time. On the 20th of each month we will upload our new menu's for the next month, simply go in, select meals, and you can purchase for the entire month in advance.

And lastly for todays update! Be on the lookout for some new products in Octobers Menu's! Pictured below are a few of our new items being developed.

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